As a multi-faceted content creator, J C Sum is involved with several different businesses and projects.

These projects cover both the online and offline worlds in a way that is true to his profession as a hybrid marketer.

His work can be followed on the channels listed below:

J C Sum Projects
Evolve and Adapt | Strategic Marketing

J C Sum’s primary business focus is running his strategy & marketing consultancy firm, Evolve & Adapt.

He leads a team of marketers providing hybrid marketing training & consulting for organisations and businesses. The firm’s core services cover traditional strategic and digital marketing strategy as well as provide digital marketing training for businesses trying to navigate the digitally evolving world.

Other specialized services include helping businesses increase their strategic online presence through Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and SEO web development.

Explore J C’s marketing approach by visiting the site that includes an extensive blog with articles on business, strategy and marketing.

Illusion Books & Products is the world’s largest online resource for illusionists. It is dedicated to elevating the art of illusion, and helping illusionists of all levels develop their illusion show.

It features numerous articles and a plethora of video and audio content. was started in 2004 and is the oldest resource site that J C Sum has built. 

The Illusion Bookstore is an online bookstore that is the largest online illusion bookshop in the world. It sells all of J C Sum’s illusion books, videos and products.

Magic Kabuki Drop

This site was created to be the world’s most comprehensive resource on Kabuki Drops (a theatrical curtain drop system) for use in theatrical productions, plays, musicals, stage performances and corporate events.

J C Sum is the inventor of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System which is a low-cost & lightweight manual Kabuki Drop system.

This is a handmade custom-machined professional manual curtain drop system that packs small, is lightweight, highly flexible and 100% dependable.

The Pro Magic Kabuki Drop system was used by the production company in the hit TV show, Shark Tank (S9).

He also wrote the book “The Ultimate Kabuki Drop Resource” (2015) that includes 6 DIY Kabuki Drop plans.

Small Brick City

One of J C Sum’s hobbies is designing and building custom LEGO buildings and cities. His site, Small Brick City, features a collection of original LEGO builds and instructions.

He also runs a YouTube channel of the same name that currently has about 15,000 subscribers.

In 2017, he wrote the book “Bricks for Small Places: Design and Build a Stunning LEGO City in a Small Space”.