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Visual Illusion Show

Stylish, modern and visually stunning,  Asia’s International Illusionist, J C Sum, offers one of the most spectacular and cutting edge illusion shows in Asia!

J C Sum’s visual illusion show can be customized for any project and can be presented bilingually, in English and Mandarin.  All shows can be customized in content, scale as well as length based on budget and logistic support.


Typical J C Sum illusion shows for corporate & special events range from 20 – 30 minutes in duration. Illusion shows for showrooms and venues range from 45 – 75 minutes in duration.

Presented as a visual illusion spectacle with interactive acts interspersed in the show, his innovative urban illusions are ideal for special events that crave world-class entertainment!

1) Shadow Appearance

J C Sum specializes in producing high-end illusion shows for:

      • Showrooms
      • Corporate & Special Events
      • Gala Dinners
      • Launches
      • Awards Ceremonies
      • Conferences
      • Ticketed Events
      • Promotional Events

11) The Blades 2

Illusions & Acts that can be featured in J C Sum’s 2016 shows include:

The Buzz Saw

A thrilling and thoroughly entertaining illusion performance that can be presented 3 different ways and customized to your audience. This is a highlight of J C’s new show and will have audiences at the edge of their seats.

J C Sum 8

Impossible Cut

In this innovative version of a classic illusion, J C divides his body into half vertically! What makes this version so spectacular is that no boxes or cover are used to cover his body at any time!



The Blades

Danger, suspense and magic… all in one single illusion!

This thrilling illusion sees J C attempt to pass his entire body through the spinning blades of a giant industrial fan!



Silver Symphony

One of the most beautiful coin magic routines you will see!



Shadow Appearance

On an open empty stage with lights sweeping across in all directions, J C magically appears from shadows on a small elevated platform to open his spectacular illusion show.



Crystal Metamorphosis

J C Sum is the original designer of this illusion that is licensed to dozens of magicians worldwide. Check out what is arguably the fastest crystal exchange in the world.



The Sports Car Vanish


A full-sized real car vanishes in seconds while surrounded by people! Click HERE for more info.

World Class Illusion Shows


J C Sum offers one of the largest most exciting illusion shows in Asia and performs worldwide!

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Record-setting Mega Stunts

Mega Events

J C Sum is Asia's most prolific creator of mega stunts that draw thousands of people and creates media & online buzz!

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