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Sports Car Illusion

The Ultimate Car Illusion

High Octane is a sports car illusion designed by J C Sum, Asia’s International Illusionist & Illusion Designer.

He has created a series of brand new car illusions with a sports coup that can be customized for any corporate & special event worldwide.

The sports car can be made to magically appear, vanish or teleport onto stage and is designed to involve the CEO, VIP or Board of Directors of an organization.

With 5 different methods to draw from, the car illusions will be custom-configured to the specific event venue.

High Octane
High Octane Poster 2


  • Fully Customizable
  • Involve a CEO/ VIP or Committee
  • All Illusion Equipment and Sports Car are included
  • Technical Support including Audio, Visual, Lighting & Special Effects are not included

Email info@conceptmagic.biz for an information deck today.

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