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As a creative entrepreneur, J C Sum runs a magic production house that produces shows and consults for events & TV.

He has also authored more than a dozen books covering a variety of subjects including technical illusion design, theatre stage craft as well as business & marketing for creatives. He is the inventor of the Pro Magic Kabuki Drop System which is a low-cost & lightweight manual Kabuki Drop system.

J C’s work affords him a unique perspective from both sides of the creative business; both as a creative professional for hire as well as a client to creatives of all types.

His extensive experience in entertainment marketing also offers a different fish-eye view on how a creative of any type should be marketed.


Illusion Books & Products

All of J C’s illusion books are available in physical form and as instant downloads at: www.illusionbookstore.com

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J C is also the creator of www.illusionbooks.com – an extensive resource for illusionists that includes free articles, illusion plans, audio shows, ideas and photo contributions from illusionists from around the world. Here you can Download Illusion Books and Plans by J C Sum Illusionist Magician Asia.



Business & Marketing for Creatives

J C is also the founder of the Backstage Business Academy (www.backstagebusinessacademy.com), a website dedicated to inspiring extra income ideas for creative people.


His critically acclaimed book “The Showbiz Master Plan”  is a live entertainer’s blueprint to creating a money-generating brand, making a consistent 6-figure income and setting up for retirement.

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Other Websites


MagicKabukiDrop.com is the world’s most comprehensive resource site on Kabuki Drops, a stagecraft technique and curtain release system.



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SimplePassiveInvesting.com shares fundamental how-to information, strategies and tactics on how to start investing as well as how to build a passive investment portfolio. If you ever wanted to learn how to invest your hard-earned money to grow your nest egg, this website will get you on the right track.


World Class Illusion Shows


J C Sum offers one of the largest most exciting illusion shows in Asia and performs worldwide!

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Record-setting Mega Stunts

Mega Events

J C Sum is Asia's most prolific creator of mega stunts that draw thousands of people and creates media & online buzz!

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