J C Sum, Mega Illusionist

In recent years, J C Sum & 'Magic Babe' Ning have proven their ability to stage magic-centric mega events that generate publicity, media coverage and draw audiences by the thousands.

Their distinct personalities and unmatched innovativeness have made them the most sought after male/ female magic team in Asia to create and execute turnkey magic-centric mega events. 

J C & Ning have staged nine phenomenally successful mega events since 2007. 

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The Mind Heist:
The Ultimate Social Experiment

A Mega Illusion is defined as a large-scale illusion spectacle that involves a large or iconic object and/ or covers a large area or distance and most importantly; is performed for a live audience and in an uncontrolled environment.

J C Sum is one of the very few mega illusionists in Asia. Since late-2002, J C has developed eight original mega illusions & mega escapes that are each unique, distinct and spectacular.

The Mind Heist Poster

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"The Mind Heist Official Announcement"
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On 7 Jan 2012, Sat, J C & Ning set a world record for reading 100 minds in 60 minutes in their most intriguing psychological illusion to date, “The Mind Heist”!  
The mega illusion event took place at Sinema Old School, Singapore, on 7 Jan 2012.

Mind Heist

Touted as “the ultimate social magic experiment“, the magic duo read the minds of 100 individuals comprising of members of the public who applied online as well as media representatives. The Singapore Book of Records and the International Brotherhood of Magicians Singapore Ring 115 were present to adjudicate and officiate the proceedings of the stunt.

J C & Ning stunned the live audience as well as viewers watching through a live Internet stream with an intense presentation of a large variety of mind-reading acts. They "heisted" the thoughts of individuals as well as groups who worked together.

Acts ranged from diviining thought-of playing cards, the colours of a mixed up Rubik's Cube, a story from a newspaper, a unqiue drawing created by a group of people, random words and images and finally a 10-digit number created by the final 10 participants.

Mind Heist

Mind Heist

Mind Heist

Mind Heist

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The stunt created significant media buzz including being featured on:

International Brotherhood of Magicians (HQ) also officially endorsed the mega illusion when it was announced. Read the statement made by Vanni Pule, International President 2011- 2012 here. Watch his video address here.

If you are a potential partner who would like to work with J C & Ning to stage a Mega Event in Asia, contact them at jcsum@conceptmagic.biz