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Incredible Mind Stunts

In recent years, J C Sum has proven his ability to stage phenomenally successful mega stunts that generate publicity, media coverage, online buzz and draw audiences by the thousands.

Since 2007, J C has designed and presented a dozen original mega stunts.

The Mind Heist J C Sum

J C Sum has created a series of original psychological illusions, mentalism stunts or mind stunts. In the trade, these are also referred to mega mentalism acts. Two of the stunts that garnered region-wide news coverage and online buzz include:

The Impossible 4D Prediction

Predicting the National Lottery


The Mind Heist: The Ultimate Social Experiment

Reading 100 Minds in 60 Minutes

“They had a one in 10000 chance of predicting the first prize 4D number for Wednesday’s draw – 5853 – and they did.”

~ Channel News Asia

“IT WAS a feat they had never performed before – predicting four numbers for the 4D national lottery.” 

~ The Straits Times


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J C Sum is Asia's most prolific creator of mega stunts that draw thousands of people and creates media & online buzz!

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