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Impossible Mega Illusions

In recent years, J C Sum has proven his ability to stage phenomenally successful mega stunts that generate publicity, media coverage, online buzz and draw audiences by the thousands.

Since 2007, J C has designed and presented a dozen original mega stunts.

The Impossible Teleportation

A Mega Illusion is defined as a large-scale illusion spectacle that involves a large or iconic object and/ or covers a large area or distance and most importantly; is performed for a live audience and in an uncontrolled environment.

Some of J C’s most well-known stunts include mega illusions where he has teleported himself, people and cars across great distances.

The Impossible Teleportation

Teleporting 50 Stories in 5 Seconds

Impossible Teleportation

“A Singapore magician has attempted what’s believed to be the largest ‘live’ illusion staged in Southeast Asia – teleporting himself from the ground to the rooftop of a 50-storey building in just 5 seconds.

Over 5,000 spectators who turned up to watch the act were spellbound.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s amazing. It’s fantastic to see this in Singapore,” said one spectator.”

        ~ Channel News Asia

“His show (The Impossible Teleportation), the first mega illusion in South East Asia, left the spectators awe-struck and they showed their appreciation by applauding him.”

        ~ The Sunday Times

“Performed before a crowd of more than 9,000 people who turned up for The Straits Times’ 162nd anniversary celebrations, Southeast Asia’s first ever mega illusion was a mega success.”

        ~ AsiaOne

“Nobody had a clue as to how the illusion was performed. The cage was surrounded on all sides by spectators.”


Other Mega Illusions include:

The Impossible Journey

Teleporting 3 spectators across the Singapore River in 2.5 seconds


The Aerial Exit

Vanishing 5 people 24ft in the Air


Destination: X

Teleporting of a Car Cross-country in 8.5 seconds


The Impossible Record

World Record for Performing 15 Illusions in 5 Minutes

Read the official list of 15 illusions presented here.


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