Interactive Illusion Show

For select shows, events and audiences, J C Sum presents one of the most unique and mind-boggling illusion shows in the world! “Illusions of the Mind” represents a new milestone journey in illusions with 100% new material featuring original visual and psychological illusions. The unique element of the new show is that it is 100% interactive and involves the audience in all the acts.
In 2010, J C successfully predicted the winning numbers of the 4D national lottery and also set a world record by reading 100 minds in 60 minutes in 2012. This new show takes these mega stunts a step further.

The combination of intellectual illusions & situation comedy routines makes ‘Illusions of the Mind’ a perfect choice for executive audiences and high-end corporate & special events.

The show is a standard 30 minutes in duration.

‘Illusions of the Mind’ is perfect for:

  • Corporate & Special Events
  • Gala Dinners
  • Launches
  • Awards Ceremonies
  • Conferences
  • VIP Hospitality Events

Some of the highlights of the show include:


An audience blindfolds J C by pressing two large silver coins against his eyes and taping them in place with duct tape. Next, a stainless steel eye shield is placed over his eyes. Even in this extreme blindfolded state, J C perceives his environment with astounding results!


This is a show stopping routine that is staged like an interactive game show with multiple audience members.

The brand new illusion involves J C reading the minds of FOUR audience members over and over again! It is an amazing routine that involves the spectators on stage as well as others in the audience beyond stage!



For the finale of the live show, J C will attempt to recreate his mega lottery prediction by predicting in advance a random four-digit number provided by different audience members.