Iframe Act Next Level Ipad Digital Magic

Asia’s International Illusionist, J C Sum, has created the next level iPad digital magic with his iFrame Act, a completely original illusion stage act that combines technology, multimedia, optical illusions and magic. This one-of-a-kind act was designed specifically for corporate & special events such as event openings, launches, awards ceremonies and gala specialty spots.


The entire technology illusion act revolves around the iFRAME (AKA Infinity Frame).

It is a postmodern-designed steampunk frame and the audience can see under, behind and around the frame. A tablet on a holder extends out from the side of the frame.


The act is fully customizable to highlight a brand, product or message.


From the iFRAME, a whole myriad of amazing technology illusions are created. Some incredible highlights include:

  • A smart phone magically appears from the frame
  • The smart phone transforms into a digital tablet
  • The smart phone shrinks to 1/4 its size
  • Money magically appears from within the frame
  • An artistic drawing magically changes colour
  • A stunning confetti snowstorm is created from nowhere


It can also be used as a launch activation device that involves the participation of a VIP or Guest of Honour.

The iFRAME can be presented in two formats:

  • The iFRAME Act (3 – 6 min) – For event openings, launches or as a short specialty act
  • The iFRAME Show (Up to 45 min) – As a headliner entertainment show for corporate & special events

Watch the full iFrame digital magic theatre act below:

Watch the showreel for iFRAME Show below:

iFRAME was designed as a “fly-on” international act and does not require large cases of equipment to be freight-forwarded. The entire act can be checked-in as excess baggage for all major airlines worldwide.

It can be presented as a stand alone act, as part of a full iFrame stage show or as a featured act in J C’s international illusion show.