Close-Up Magic

While J C Sum is most well known for his mega illusions such as teleporting & vanishing people and cars in front of thousands of people, he can also be invited to perform close-up magic for select events and venues. J C brings 18 years of professional performing & audience communication experience, a mastery of sleight of hand and amicable showmanship to the close-up ‘stage’. Audiences in over 20 countries have witnessed his brand of modern “urban magic” live.

J C Sum has created a formal close up magic show entitled “Beyond the Mirror” designed for high-end venues & VIP hospitality events.

For the past eighteen years, he has been perfecting the techniques and presentations of the acts featured in this extraordinary close up magic show.

Up to now, the acts have only been seen in J C’s practice mirror; hence, the name of the show, “Beyond the Mirror”. It is also a reference to Lewis Carroll’s classic work of literature “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and its sequel “Through the Looking-Glass”.


The show is designed for small intimate settings and an exclusive limited audience size.

It is a perfect combination of visual and intellectual magic presented with wit, light-hearted humour and a theatrical flair. J C’s incomparable personality and the original acts will appeal to and amaze the most discerning & well-traveled audiences.



“Beyond the Mirror” is entirely self-contained and a custom casino-inspired semi-circle table with skirting is set up just for your event/ venue so that the presentation and quality of every show is consistent.

All that is required is for audience chairs to be positioned in front of the table in a theatre-style seating arrangement.

Contact J C for a show program and proposed seating arrangement plan here.