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J C SUM: Asia’s International Illusionist

Based in Singapore, J C Sum is an illusionist, magician and illusion designer working in Asia, Europe and the Middle East.

He has extensive international experience performing for corporate & special events, luxury cruise liners, theaters, showrooms and television.

J C Sum’s work and celebrity have been recognized by both the regional Asian mainstream media and the international magic trade media.


“Singapore’s Most Famous Magician” ~ The Straits Times

“Asia’s Premier Illusionist” ~ The Star

“Singapore’s Celebrity Magician” ~ TODAY, The New Paper

“A new face of an age-old art form” ~ Channel News Asia

“One of the most celebrated magicians in Asia” ~ Asia One

“Truly one of the world’s top illusion acts” ~ Magicseen Magazine


Magic for Live Shows & TV

As an illusionist & magician, J C Sum has cemented himself as one of the most exciting & innovative in recent times.

He has performed over 3500 shows in 34 countries on 4 continents.

More than 120 million people have seen his magic on live shows & television with appearances on 26 programs internationally.

What makes J C Sum unique is that he is the definitive “East meets West” global illusionist. His internationally-appealing show can be presented effectively in English, Mandarin or Bilingually.


One of J C Sum’s latest creations for the corporate & special events industry is his highly original iFrame, a next level iPad digital magic show.

This innovative illusion act combines smart phones, iPads, digital tablets, technology, multimedia, optical illusions and magic in a single act.

iFrame Money Explosion Blackout

World Class Illusion Shows


J C Sum offers one of the largest most exciting illusion shows in Asia and performs worldwide!

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Record-setting Mega Stunts

Mega Events

J C Sum is Asia's most prolific creator of mega stunts that draw thousands of people and creates media & online buzz!

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